In the past, the Essence and the Source were one training. Because it is no longer of this time to ‘ be  out ‘ for 10 days, we have chosen to split the training. Short term benefits will be created while at the same time it is easier to organize  the trainings with work, household, children or other engagements.

We work with intellectual learning in combination with experiential learning. The advantage of this is that you get a lot of information in a short time but also use it at one. It can be compared to learning how to bicycle: at a certain point in time you just know how to do it. The results are permanent in the same way, but you must practice.

It is an individual training in a group. The easiest way to explain this is by this example: when you go to the movies you have your own experience although you are watching the movie together with others. During the training exercises take place many formations and it still  remains your own learning process.

Experiential learning is learning by doing and experiencing. Through energetic and stimulating processes you see how you deal with certain situations in life, and experience how to do it in a different way.  Learning through experience goes deeper and is remembered many times better than what you understand from a YouTube video or a book.

During the training you receive practical and effective tools (intellectual learning) that support you to continue to bring into practice what you have learned and experienced in the training.

In short, the experiences you get are backed up by intellectual lectures, practical tools and overviews and theories.

All brought together  you develop new patterns and habits and the effects of training will be sustainable  and long lasting.

What old participants share about their training is their own experience and sometimes hard to talk about, experiential learning is something very personal. We cannot know beforehand what experience is going to be there. But also they do not want to deprive you of the experience they have had by telling you what the exercises are about.

Learning is something we do step by step. You can also not go directly to the university at once, before that you must first have learned in high school, before that in elementary school. It is not different for trainings  for personal development. Internalizing is also done in (multiple) steps that is why there are so many trainings. The more trainings, the deeper go. You decide what your next step looks like.

We are amazed that this sometimes comes up. Essence is a company that sells trainings aimed at personal development. There are 25 people, including a number of trainers in employment and some in association. We stimulate individuality and personal growth all aimed to realize your passions and dreams. And will by no means say ‘ this is the way ‘ or impose anything. There are questions asked during the trainings that will enable you to set up your life in the most optimal way. In short: we are about empowerment, individual (talent) development and about putting people in their power.

Keep in mind that you are always training as an individual. See question 3. The Essence training  is limited to 56 people and the Source training to a maximum of 34 participants.

When there is a sequence of trainings it  is to create more depth. In that sense, you cannot jump a stage. This is the case of Essence, Source and Beyond Doubt. So the answer is no.

In contrast to the previous question, you can do the Let’s Talk without first having done the Essence training.

You don’t need the training. No one needs the training. What we are going to do is zoom in on your life, so you can see more possibilities. We’re going for a next step, an upgrade, by showing you what’s possible when you make choices. Mind you, what goes well in your life, we don’t touch it. We only encourage more and reinforce it.

That depends on what you’re looking for. If you are looking for an upgrade in your life, a next step, then yes! We’re going to show you how to achieve more fun and success in your life in a simple, powerful way.


If you want everything to stay the same, then it’s nothing for you. We understand that it is fine in your comfort zone, but we would like to invite you to check: Is this what I want? Does this make me happy? Or would you dare to discover how it would be when you dare to sail your own course?

We can provide arguments so that you compare our prices with other trainings, or convert what you spend per hour to underpin that we are not expensive. But what is expensive? A better question is: am I getting value for my money? Then our answer is full and confident: Yes. You may be aware that this is a one-time investment for you – just like the 35,000 people that went before you – that you benefit will benefit from for the rest of your life. What is it worth you? ….you will only know you have done it. Might it be that it seems that you have not taken anything out of it for yourself, then we have a money back guarantee. Ask for the terms and conditions at our information team, see the button below.

It is important for us to accommodate everyone. Since this is a fairly specific question and  depending on your personal situation, we would like to invite you to contact the office to look at the possibilities.

It regularly occurs that someone is offered the training by an employer. We provide with an employer’s statement. You can get this from the information team, please use  the button below.

Sure. We would like to make a recommendation for a place where you can stay overnight.

For the Essence training we also guarantee a sleeping place. We would like to inform you about this.

Other questions?

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